40 romantic surprise ideas for partner

Work, household chores, taking care of children, rush, stress….this is how many modern parents spend their days.

We manage to do a lot of necessary and unnecessary things in a day, but do we still have time and energy for the most important things in life? On the expression of feelings, walking with a loved one or a loved one, hugging, talking about each other’s thoughts…Sometimes you just collapse from fatigue and do not think about any signs of attention.

So how do you keep your feelings alive? How to let your soulmate know that love is present in your relationship? How do I show that I’m interested in someone and need them? How to please and surprise?

It is not difficult to do this either for a girl or a guy! Help in this romantic actions, which, I assure you, will be remembered for a long time and warm the soul of everyone. How to make a romantic surprise?

Romantic surprises that require financial expenses

  • Invite you to a new (or favorite) restaurant for dinner
  • Ride in a limousine (rent) with a driver, pleasant music and champagne
  • Visit the resort (suddenly, giving tickets for a couple of days)
  • Organize a hang glider or helicopter flight
  • To arrange a parachute jump
  • Certificate to the stylist for “parsing the wardrobe” or ” making kits»
  • Organize a bachelor party for your husband (hen party for your wife)
  • Buy glow-in-the-dark stickers (stars) on the ceiling lay out a constellation in the form of a recognition, heart or name.
  • Launch fireworks under the window
  • Order an engraving with a recognition on a watch, cufflinks or jewelry
  • Going to SPA treatments together
  • Pay for and record a workshop (webinar) based on your interests
  • Order a video “love Story”, “Why I love you”, ” Our pleasant moments»
  • To order a portrait from the artist by the pictures
  • Flowers by courier on roboto or in person by chance
  • The magician and saxophonist, a violinist for a walk, or during dinner in the restaurant
  • Rent a room in a luxury hotel
  • Go to a Museum, movie, or theater together
  • Give a long-desired gift without a reason
  • Order an advertising banner or Billboard with a Declaration of love

Romantic surprises without investing money

Romance… do You think that this requires money and big expenses? And here and there. Several ideas are described below. I believe that to please and surprise your partner, you only need a desire.

  • Make a relaxing massage
  • Watch a movie about love or football together
  • Take a bath together
  • During the walk, walk through “your places” or go to the place where you met
  • Tell them you love them in public
  • Arrange a quest for your favorite or favorite with notes on finding a surprise
  • Take a girl in your arms and carry her down the street
  • Serenade under the window. If you can’t sing it yourself, it will be fun to listen to the soundtrack
  • Walk along the shore of a lake, river or sea
  • A mock certificate (handwritten) for preparing Breakfast, washing dishes, massage, etc.
  • Ride on the swings or roundabouts
  • Long kiss in the rain
  • Write a list of “I love you because…” or ” thank you for….”, “I appreciate you for….»
  • Make a crossword of your memories
  • Learn a love poem by heart and read it
  • Send a love letter by mail, not email
  • Light candles in the evening and dance to slow music
  • Feed each other strawberries
  • Ask them out for the first time
  • Prepare a dessert (or dinner) and decorate it beautifully

Rules for romantics

You don’t have to spend money, you can turn on your imagination and do something with your own hands
The surprise is not made on the occasion of a certain date, but just like that
The idea should not be repeated – like the last time, or like friends
“Pleasantries” should be original and regular
It should be pleasant to the second half, i.e. you do not need to do something that you want for yourself. The desires are primarily taken into account by the beloved.

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