Romantic bath

Bathroom For Two, Creating An Atmosphere Of Romance

If you want to spend a special romantic evening in the bathroom, start by preparing the territory. Before you add something to its design, first take out all the extra things, including everyday items – family towels, combs and hair dryers, tubes, and so on, you can even remove the curtain. This will bring special benefit to owners of small bathrooms – you will immediately feel the space. Perfect cleanliness on this day is necessary, and it does not matter whether you sit with candles or not – it will be beautiful only when all the surfaces will sparkle and reflect light.

To create a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom, we will turn to bright red accents that stand out against a snow-white background. First of all, these are candles, roses and their petals, if possible – strawberries. Towels are better to take white and fluffy and do not hang them on hooks, and put a slide, decorated with flowers.

Rose petals look very beautiful against the background of a lush snow-white foam or just floating on the water.

It would be good to add various kinds of aromatic additives to the water on this day, but not too strong, the smell should not be Intrusive.

Interior of a romantic bathroom

It is advisable to put the champagne in a bucket with ice, otherwise it will quickly heat up. It will be convenient if you organize a separate table for treats, because putting glasses on the side of the bath is inconvenient and unsafe.

Think about how to place the candles. To create a first impression, you can start several floating candles, and the rest spread out on the side of the bath. However, in this form, it will be inconvenient to use it and even impossible not to touch something, so you need a second additional row of candles that will not interfere and will give decent lighting when you dive into the water. Put them at the sink, and if the size of the room allows – on the floor.

Creating romance in the bathroom is not so difficult, and the set of decorative elements is almost everywhere the same. The main task – to put everything so that the decorations do not interfere with communication and recreation, because in a romantic bathroom should be not only beautiful, but also convenient!

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