Romantic bed and breakfast

How to organize a romantic Breakfast in bed

The modern rhythm of life often does not leave us time to enjoy the little things. It’s like every day we go through the usual quest “home-work-home”, and along the way we meet with friends, increase our cultural IQ at exhibitions and film festivals, work hard to work off extra calories in the gym. It seems that it is almost impossible to take a timeout in this situation. But it is very important to stop sometimes and enjoy the moment. One of these moments can be the time spent together with a loved one over Breakfast in bed.

Do you want to surprise your partner?

Prepare a delicious surprise for your chosen one. It does not matter whether your relationship is in the stage of the candy-bouquet period or you have already been married for more than 20 years. Everyone will be happy to receive such a surprise. The reason may be a promotion, the victory of your favorite football team, the beautiful weather outside the window, or even the absence of this very reason.

It is important to remember that although improvisation is always welcome, it is better to follow a number of rules when preparing such a Breakfast.

1. Choose a suitable day

For Breakfast in bed, choose a day when the person to whom it is intended is in no hurry. Otherwise, the coffee risks ending up on the sheet, and the impression will be blurred. It is much more pleasant to slowly SIP a fragrant drink, slowly basking in the pillows. Weekends or holidays are the perfect time for such an unusual Breakfast.

Don’t tell your partner about your plans, let it be a surprise. And most importantly, your romantic gesture should be a manifestation of feelings. Everything that is done with the soul is a priori beautiful.

2. Think about the concept of Breakfast in advance

You will not have much time to prepare Breakfast in the morning, so the plan should be in your head, and the food in the refrigerator. Agree, even one missing detail can spoil your mood and jeopardize the implementation of your idea. The morning meal should be stylish, neat, and beautifully served. Of course, you can object that the main attention is not the color of napkins and the type of tea, but your goal is to pamper your loved one, which means that everything should be perfect.

3. Wake up early

As a rule, it takes 30 minutes to prepare Breakfast in bed. The time may vary depending on the food you are going to prepare and the serving. Try not to make a noise, because you do not want to cook Breakfast, find the chosen one or the chosen one in the kitchen doorway. The concept, thought out in advance, minimizes the cost of preparing Breakfast. Once you are in the kitchen in the morning, you will not be yawning sleepily, looking at the contents of the refrigerator in confusion, and immediately begin to act.

4. Serve food on a special tray

At least-it is very beautiful and romantic, as a maximum-practical and convenient. The method of serving Breakfast in bed and the entourage play no less a role than the treats that you are going to pamper your partner. No wonder the tray is an indispensable attribute of all Hollywood movie breakfasts in bed. The tray should be small and have low sides. This way, food and drinks won’t end up on your sheets.

Today in stores you can buy special trays and tables that are designed specifically for the morning meal. They can be laconically plain, or they can be beautifully painted. The tray can be harmoniously combined with your interior, or it can be a bright color. The main thing is that it evokes pleasant emotions and creates a good atmosphere.

5. Create a romantic menu

No one knows your partner’s taste preferences better than you. If Breakfast in bed is an occasion to pamper a loved one, then pamper them in everything. Prepare your signature scrambled eggs or vegetable omelet, bake pancakes with sweet filling, fry croutons and serve them with jam. For Breakfast in bed, the classic morning meal is suitable. After all, in the morning, no one will ask you for exotic dishes or culinary masterpieces.

Breakfast should be healthy, delicious and satisfying. Remember that “a lot” is not always synonymous with”good”. Let it be one dish, but prepared with the soul. Don’t forget about the drinks. Fresh juice is perfect as a couple with eggs, omelette or salad, and there is nothing better than tea or coffee for sweets and pastries. If you want to go beyond the monotony and try something new, then make a smoothie-a drink made from fresh berries and fruits is rich in vitamins and is an excellent source of energy. Do not pour the full Cup – this will allow you to minimize the risk that the drink will spill.

6. Don’t neglect the details

Think about how best to decorate a tray with food: choose beautiful napkins that are harmoniously combined with glasses and plates; take out a couple of fragile cups from the festive service for this occasion.
Flowers are almost an indispensable element of romantic decor. This can be either a single flower in a vase, or a delicate Bud on a plate next to a Cup of tea. Fresh berries can also be used as decoration. Put your partner’s favorite magazine or the latest press next to it. Turn on the appropriate background music: for such cases, the velvety voice of Dean Martin or soundtracks to Hollywood romantic comedies are perfect. Be the main characters of your own movie this morning.

7. and finally … don’t be silent about your feelings

In the case of cute greeting cards with confessions, and even better-handwritten notes of the school type. These little things, as part of a puzzle, add up the overall picture of comfort and warmth. Can there be a more romantic reason to remind the chosen one or the chosen one of their feelings?

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