Romantic candles

What associations do you have with the word “candle”? Probably something romantic, warm… Candlelit dinner, intimate atmosphere.

But before the candles served as a purely utilitarian function – the lighting of the room.

As a source of lighting, they began to be used from the third Millennium BC and before the spread of incandescent electric lamps from the 1880s, along with lamps – this was the main source of lighting. Until now, when the power goes out, we immediately feverishly start looking for candles, apparently this reflex lives in every person )).

Candles come in different shapes, but a cylindrical candle has a great feature – it burns evenly. Therefore, before the advent of electronic and mechanical clocks, candles of this shape were used to measure time, replacing the hourglass and sundial. The cylinder was marked at regular intervals and time was measured.

What materials are used for making candles? This is mainly paraffin, also used beeswax, stearin, glycerin, fat and gel.

Since ancient times, candles have been used in various magical rites, divination, and so on. The light at the end of the wick has a truly mesmerizing effect on a person. If you look at it for a long time, you fall into a trance, which is actively used in meditation and other esoteric practices.

Candles inspire artists, poets, musicians, and masters all over the world. Modern materials and technologies allow us to produce candles of various shapes and characteristics.

The process of making candles is also interesting. For example, the famous candles consisting of different layers. Such even light a pity – they are so beautiful.

Candles are often used as a base for decoupage. A perfectly ordinary cylindrical candle can be beautifully decorated by simply pasting a picture on it from a paper napkin. To do this, the napkin is smoothed on the candle with a hot spoon, so that the image melts into the candle. The process takes a few minutes, and as a result, you get a full-fledged gift for any holiday.

Although a candle may not burn as brightly as an electric light bulb, it may well resemble it in shape.

The plasticity of the material, as well as a wide color range of dyes for candles allows you to make all sorts of Goodies-cakes, cupcakes, sweets.
The availability of materials for making candles, as well as a variety of techniques make candles a great object for handmade.

How to make a candle? There are a lot of lessons on the web right now. simple and not very good at making candles. But the General scheme is simple-you need to pour molten wax into the mold, insert a wick in the middle and let it cool. At the same time, you can add various flavors, dyes (preferably food), shells, stones, beads – all sorts of small things. Here as the imagination will tell you

In Myanmar city, a three-day festival of lights is held every October. By lighting thousands of candles, Burmese mark the end of the Buddhist equivalent of Lent.

Every year, the sky lanterns festival is held all over the world. This beautiful sight attracts many tourists and if people did not invent candles, we would not be able to enjoy such beauty

In India, one of the largest Indian and Hindu holidays, Diwali, is celebrated every year. This holiday is celebrated as the “festival of lights” and symbolizes the victory of good over evil. As a sign of this victory, lanterns are lit everywhere.

Usually this holiday falls on the end of October – the beginning of November during this holiday it is customary to give gifts, pray to the goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and light ritual lamps.

Creating candles is a great, simple and very inexpensive opportunity to try your hand at handmade. No need for expensive materials, no need for special equipment. If it turned out not very, not terrible-it will burn no worse than the work of leading masters.

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