Romantic couples

15 of the strongest couples of the XX century

These couples did not flood social networks with joint photos, did not arrange scandals and reconciliations for the press, but for millions of their contemporaries they were and are a model of true love.

They did not seem to be perfect couples, in which one respected the other and supported them in difficult situations. Some of them have already become history, others are still in the Prime of their lives and careers.

Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina

The great Italian Director and his Muse met on the set and got married two weeks after meeting. Juliet had been Federico’s assistant and ally all her life. God did not give them children, but, as they themselves said, their children were the Fellini films, which are still a treasure of Italy and a classic of world cinema.

Despite her offers, she only appeared in his films, and he always listened to her advice. The love of Federico and Juliet lasted 50 years and one day, ending only with the death of Fellini.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

“A happy marriage doesn’t just happen, it has to be created,” Paul wrote to his fiancee Joan before the wedding. And they managed to create one of the strongest couples in the history of world cinema.

Newman and Woodward met on the set as successful Oscar-winning actors. Their marriage was tested by fame, the death of their son, and career failures. When the Directors began to refuse Joan, Paul learned this profession for her sake and made several films with his wife.

They lived together for 50 years. Paul remained faithful to his wife for the rest of his life, jokingly explaining that there was no need to run for hamburgers if there was a choice steak waiting at home.

Lyubov Orlova and Grigory Alexandrov

Another Union of Director and actress, the Union of two geniuses and idols of their era. They met on the set of the musical Comedy “Funny guys” and have not parted since. Their marriage was a standard for the Soviet people.

For all the time, no gossip or rumors about the scandal, they all their lives addressed each other on “you”, Alexandrov shot Orlova in all his films as the main romantic heroine, but she did not have a single scene of a kiss.

They say that Lyubov Orlova for all their long life did not allow herself to appear before her husband without a hairstyle and in a dressing gown. They were together for 42 years, after the death of Orlova Alexandrov lived for another 8 years, having managed to make a documentary about his beloved wife and Muse.

Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti

Their story is similar to the legend of Pygmalion, who created a beautiful statue and fell in love with it himself. Carlo is 22 years older than Sophie, he met her, 16-year-old, at one of the beauty contests and immediately saw the girl as a future star.

An experienced film producer, Carlo taught Sophie a lot: he got rid of the Neapolitan accent, instilled the ability to dress and make up, came up with the pseudonym Lauren instead of the last name Shikolone, looked for her, then unknown, first roles.

Sophia Loren became a world star and a symbol of Italy in many ways thanks to her loving husband, who was always there.

They lived together for almost 50 years. Carlo passed away in 2007, seven months before their Golden wedding.

Iman and David Bowie

An iconic musician and supermodel-they were called the most stylish couple of the XX century. Cynical rocker Bowie didn’t believe in love until he met Iman, the woman of his dreams.

They met at the birthday party of a common hairdresser and from the first meeting they realized that they had found each other. Their relationship was easy and happy. David and Iman have never stopped surprising and admiring each other throughout their 24 years of marriage.

Most recently, David passed away after a hard battle with cancer, surrounded by a loving wife and children.

Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin

They met at a party at Lily Brick’s (the same fatal love of Mayakovsky). The great ballerina and composer were similar not only internally, but also externally — they were often called brother and sister.

They drew inspiration from each other, admired each other. For 50 years of joint life between Plisetskaya and Shchedrin there was not a single quarrel.

Maya Mikhailovna died on may 2, 2015. As Rodion Konstantinovich said in an interview after his wife’s death: “I always told her she was from another planet, maybe now she’s gone back.”

Jeff bridges and Susan Gaston

They were recognized as one of the most perfect couples in Hollywood. Jeff and Susan met more than 40 years ago on the set of “Rancho Deluxe”, where the waitress Susan served the crew during dinners. Bridges was captivated by her figure and grace.

The main secret of their long-term happiness, the couple considers the ability to adapt and understand each other.

Robert Rozhdestvensky and Alla Kireeva

An outstanding poet of the XX century, a man of the epoch Robert Rozhdestvensky all his life loved one woman — his wife Alla Kireeva. They met at the literary Institute and lived together for 41 years until Robert’s death in 1994.

Together, they went through lack of money and life in a communal apartment, remaining attentive and tender to each other. Robert dedicated poems to Alla, and every day confessed his love.

Their daughter, as an adult, found a note that Alla wrote to her husband once: “Robecca, if you stand before me, Budy, I’ll make some porridge”.

Keith Richards and Patti Hansen

Keith Richards, the legendary rolling Stones guitarist, traded sex, drugs and rock ‘ n ‘ roll for a family life with model Patti Hansen.

They met at the Studio 54 club and got married a short time later, with Mick Jagger as best man at their wedding.

Patty accompanied Keith on all tours, creating comfort, and gave him two children. He wrote her songs, poems, and helped her survive cancer without leaving her bed for days. Patty says it was Keith who saved her. It was his love that gave her the strength and desire to live.

Sean Connery and Micheline Roquebrune

Unlike his hero, heartthrob James bond, sir Sean Connery has been loyal to one woman for 35 years — his wife, French artist Micheline Roquebrune.

Connery still admires his wife and considers her unique. The basis of their relationship is trust. In the words of Shawn, and never in all the time living together did not ask him where he went and wherefrom he returned.

Goldie hawn and Kurt Russell

One of the toughest couples in Hollywood. They seemed made for each other. Goldie and Kurt, even after 30 years of marriage, glow with happiness and treat each other with youthful love.

They admit that they are never bored with each other, and the basis of such a strong relationship is primarily considered respect. It’s a well-known fact that Goldie and Kurt aren’t officially married. As they say: “Why seal a marriage that doesn’t fall apart anyway?”

Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Gottsegen

The iconic Hollywood actor has been happy with lawyer Lisa Gottsegen for more than 30 years. Ironically, Dustin and Lisa met before she was born, when Hoffman was a musician at her parents ‘ wedding. Lisa likes to joke that she heard Dustin play while she was in her mother’s belly and immediately fell in love.

They raised four children together, coped with Hoffman’s serious illness and still have a romantic relationship with each other-recently paparazzi filmed the couple embracing on the beach during a vacation in Mexico.

Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori

This explosive Italian couple, despite the temperament of both, managed to build one of the strongest marriages in the history of world cinema — they have been together for more than 50 years.

Celentano idolizes his chosen one — Claudia is his support and support throughout his life. She acted as his personal PR agent, forgave a brief affair with Ornella Muti, for which Adriano publicly apologized to his wife.

Now the passions in this Italian family have calmed down. They live in their Villa near Milan, away from social gatherings and the press.

Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton

The Australian actress and playwright of the Sydney theatre met 20 years ago at rehearsals of the play “the Seagull”. After Dating, there was a brief courtship period — the couple formalized their relationship less than a year later.

Kate was fascinated by Andrew’s inner charm. As the actress admits, Upton makes her really happy, with him you can come up with and implement the most daring creative ideas.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Sarah and Matthew met at a new York party and, as they claim, it was love at first sight. Broderick was charmed by his future wife’s sense of humor and spontaneity.

They helped each other to come out of the depression after previous uncomplicated relationships and believe in true love. Sarah and Matthew’s marriage is one of the strongest and happiest in modern Hollywood. They support each other in raising children, and at the premieres of their films.

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