Romantic flowers

The gift of silent eloquence is possessed by rare people and all flowers without exception. If you want to Express emotions in few words, but succinctly, remember them-roses, daisies, orchids, lilies have a special energy and are able to share it. The flower language that originated in the East still helps lovers Express romantic feelings today – a properly chosen bouquet will tell you more than verbal compliments, long explanations and letters. When composing a composition, the main role is given to small things – the number of buds, decorations, and the presence of spikes.

Express the whole range of feelings with a bouquet

The first flower dictionaries appeared in the XVIII century, they told about the symbolism and meaning of each plant. In most cases, the descriptions displayed generally accepted associations, sometimes fictional, and sometimes similar to the truth. At that time, Floristics was already well developed and formed into an independent art form, so wealthy romantics had the opportunity to give their loved ones professionally composed compositions. Since not everyone is familiar with the flower language, we will tell you about the meaning of the most popular plants:

Azalea-the embodiment of femininity, meekness, devotion and spiritual purity, it is given to only women as a sign of admiration or before a forced separation;
acacia-a symbol of recognition of mistakes, it can be presented after a quarrel to make amends;
cornflower-represents gaiety, simplicity and sincerity, it is given to young and perky girls, wanting to renew acquaintance and make friends;
Astra-speaks of love and evokes shared memories;
the bindweed is a gift of a Lovelace, it is short-lived, as well as the feelings of the giver;
pink carnation-gratitude and sincere offer of help;
red carnation is a present for the authoritative and domineering; it is rarely used in romantic compositions;
Dahlia-symbolizes impermanence, you can give at the beginning of a relationship, when mutual sympathy has already begun, and the desire to become a couple is not yet;
hydrangea-means care and hope for reciprocity.
In addition to flowers, the bouquet may contain “talking” decorations – for example, strawberries, hinting that happiness is close, or cactus, meaning perseverance and readiness to go to the end. An elegant addition can be a viburnum-a symbol of emotional dependence and painful attachment. The Lotus should be perceived as a wish for health and a sign of kinship of souls.

A romantic bouquet is the best way to Express your feelings

Probably, you have already been able to see how colorful and meaningful the language of colors is, with its help you can surprise your favorite girl and show yourself at your best. But imagine the situation: you have not yet confessed your love to the chosen one due to your own modesty or lack of confidence in reciprocity. If you don’t want to Express your feelings verbally, do it with a bouquet. It should be luxurious, so that the girl sees it not as a friendly gesture, but as an expression of romantic feelings. To do this, you should enlist the help of a florist – a professional is probably familiar with flower symbols and can advise a present that is best suited to a specific situation.

Do not forget that, in addition to the appearance of the composition, the method of giving is important. You can give your favorite such a gift before or after a date, during a walk in the Park or in the morning, waking her up with a pleasant aroma of tender buds. There is another way – to surprise your chosen one, order courier delivery. An unexpected bouquet will be remembered better than a gift given in the usual conditions.

Which flower is the most romantic?

As you have noticed, we have not yet said a word about the main symbol of love and passion. And it is the rose that best helps to Express both these feelings. The Queen of the garden was grown in the Babylonian gardens 4,000 years ago. According to legend, the rose is a creation of the gods – the Greek goddess Kliros turned into a beautiful nymph.

Aphrodite gave the flower brightness, sophistication and charm, Dionysus – fragrance. Then it was presented to the God of love, Eros. In Ancient Russia, the rose was considered a Paradise flower, it often decorated the bed of newlyweds. Today this is the main gift for Valentine’s Day.

The color of roses is of particular importance:

red – true love and passion;
maroon – a symbol of love, not yet fully developed, but passionate feelings;
pink-represents tenderness and sophistication;
cream – friendly affection;
blue – mystery and extravagance.
Light roses, as a rule, do not have romantic overtones, they can be given to friends. But you need to be careful with the scarlets – they will definitely be perceived as a sign of sympathy. If there is no such goal, choose neutral daisies, tulips, or orchids.

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