Romantic images

Tenderness, sensitivity, simplicity, innocence – this is what the image of a girl in a romantic style is associated with. This style is suitable not only for everyday images, but also for special events.

Image in a romantic style

A romantic image with a dress is the most common and simple option. Indeed, the dress is best suited for creating a delicate, feminine and such an impressive bow in a romantic style.

However, you can be romantic in any clothes. The main thing is that the silhouette should be soft and emphasize the elegance of the figure, and the color of the dress should be light, pastel colors.

Do not choose too revealing clothing, it is better to give preference to light flowing fabrics that only allow you to guess the silhouette hiding under them. All sorts of ruffles, draperies, pleats and ruffles will also not be superfluous in the image of a romantic young lady.

The best materials are linen, cotton, silk, satin, velvet, and, of course, lace. You can also use fabrics decorated with embroidery, sequins, imitating fur, fish scales, snakeskin.

The main colors of the romantic style are all soft pastels. However, deep and clear colors are also acceptable. Bright neon shades are undesirable.

Do not forget about shoes-classic pumps, neat ballerinas or sandals decorated with ribbons or flowers are the best fit. However, this season is appropriate games for contrast-rough boots or cowboy boots in combination with a light sundress or a flying skirt look very stylish.

Romantic style of hair and makeup

In addition to clothing and accessories, hair and makeup are important for a complete holistic image. All sorts of bunches, lush braids and curls are ideal for a romantic image. In the hairstyle, it is better not to make strict, geometric shapes or rigid styling, the hair should be soft, mobile.

Make-up should be done naturally, without bright colors or clear, strict lines. A skin-tone Foundation, semi-transparent shadows, pink lip gloss and a little mascara-and make-up is ready. A slight blush on the cheekbones will not be superfluous, but do not overdo it.

As you can see, the romance in the image of a girl does not require any special techniques, techniques, or fancy dresses. The main feature of the image should be softness and tenderness.

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