Romantic kiss

The most romantic kisses. How can I make my heart beat faster?

Some kisses are more exciting than others. Romantic kisses always make your heart beat faster. This is because in fact, such a kiss is more than a simple connection of the partners ‘ lips and tongues.

What is this energy that fills a romantic kiss? It is a Union of souls, a mystical, spiritual fusion that transcends physical reality. In order to believe in the existence of this force, it is not necessary to be a believer. You can simply assume that the magic of relationships between people arises from chemical reactions that occur in the heart. No astrological or philosophical system can adequately explain this phenomenon. So, the secret of the romance of such a kiss, which quickens the pulse, is a special situation that allows people to connect on a certain spiritual level through a look, conversation, dance or touch. Be honest when talking to your girlfriend. Smile at her across the room, catching her eye.

Is a simple kiss more romantic than a French kiss?

Absolutely! In almost any situation, a simple kiss is much more romantic than a kiss with the use of language. According to statistics, 46% of women complain that their partners ‘ kisses are not always romantic. “How do I make him kiss like in the movies?» “what’s the matter?” they ask. The guy reading this should assume that his girlfriend thinks the same way. I don’t want to ask her if it’s true, but I can guarantee that if you’re romantic, she’ll appreciate it. She will very much like stupid, from your point of view, leading to nothing and not exciting kisses.

In what situation is a kiss in the eyes possible?

As romantic as possible, a kiss in the eyes is perfect for a situation when your girlfriend is very upset about something or crying. When you kiss her eyes, it is as if you are drying her tears with a kiss. At the same time, you will avoid discussing an unpleasant topic for her and at the same time show sympathy.

In addition, a kiss in the eyes is suitable when you just want variety and tenderness.

Do not forget that this kiss expresses such romantic love that it may seem too “sweet”to some. If you see that your partner did not expect you to show so much tenderness and affection, end the kiss in the eyes with some more rough kiss, like a kiss-nibble.

What kind of kisses do women find most exciting?

Women like neck kisses 10 times more than men. Why-it is unclear, but a kiss on the neck drives women crazy. If you don’t kiss your girlfriend on the neck, you risk losing her. Statistics speak for themselves: more than 97% of women are turned on by a kiss on the neck.

What is the best way to kiss a girl on the neck?

The answer is in one girl’s line: “When a guy hugs me from behind, when I feel his breath on my neck, when he bites or kisses me, it seems that I get an electric discharge of a thousand volts!” This is exactly what is required of a guy. Remove the hair from her neck, gently nibble or kiss her neck – and she will melt in your arms!

How else can I kiss her neck?

Start with a kiss on the lips, then, after a few kisses, slide down and gently kiss the neck. Go back to her lips. After a while, kiss her again on the neck, kiss her under the chin, on the side and behind. Watch her reaction – this is very important. If she looks bored, try some other kiss, but usually a kiss on the neck has a strong stimulating effect on a woman.

Do girls like kissing in the ear?

Yes! If a guy neglects his girlfriend’s ears, he misses a great chance to excite her with the simplest kiss. The fact is that girls love kissing in the ear 2 times more than guys. “When I asked my boyfriend to kiss my ear,” says one girl, ” he looked at me like I was crazy. I told him that it gave me great pleasure, but since he didn’t like it himself, he decided that I couldn’t like it either. Actually, I like it very much. Should I tell him that it excites me very much?” Women not only love ear kisses more than men, but they also respond to them much faster and more intensely.

What is the best way to kiss a girl on the ear?

First, kiss the outside of your ear. Then the lobe. If you want, you can even gently bite it or suck it. Here the most important thing to remember is that when you kiss the ear, you are not only affecting the tactile, but also auditory stimuli. Despite your best efforts not to make any sounds, you will not be able to avoid them completely. But you can muffle them by gently whispering in her ear all sorts of love nonsense, for example: “My dear, you stepped on my foot!” No, I’m serious, whatever you whisper to her at that moment (even a phrase like, “Honey, did you pay the rent?”) will be arousing to her. Everything happens because the close location of the sound source amplifies it and adds to it the sound of a whisper.

In addition, the warmth and softness of your lips will play an important role. At this stage, almost nothing can seem wrong, unless you start talking in your normal voice – it will seem too loud to her. Do not make any loud noise, it may damage her eardrums. This is where sighs like “Oooh!” or “Mmm!” or something like that will do-she will like everything, all sorts of nice meaningless phrases that mean nothing but love.

What is a teasing kiss?

First of all, make an agreement with your girlfriend that for one minute during the kiss, she will not respond to you and will allow you to kiss her. Now kiss her with the most sensual kiss you can imagine. However, the rules of the game forbid your girl to respond to your kiss, she must tightly compress her lips and not open her mouth.

A sign of trust!

Why we started kissing is still a mystery. However, it is usually considered that a kiss was previously a sign of trust. By letting another person get so close to them, people showed that they were not afraid of them, that they trusted them completely.

Today they say that we still have the habit of kissing, because we like this process, because it gives us pleasure.

It doesn’t matter which answer is really correct. People have been kissing for so many centuries that the kiss has become an integral part of their culture, and in the development of the art of kissing, people around the world have participated and are taking part.

This is interesting!
The beginning of the development of the kiss was laid around 3000 BC, when people worshipped the gods and sent them kisses.

In Ancient Rome, not only friends and family members were kissed in greeting, but also merchants and passers-by.

At the same time, in Egypt, almost no one knew anything about kissing. It is believed that Queen Cleopatra, famous for her numerous love victories, never kissed a man.

In the Middle ages in Italy, a man who kissed a girl in public had to marry her.

An interesting history of the origin of the custom of putting crosses to indicate kisses at the end of a letter. The people of the middle Ages were mostly illiterate, so when signing a contract, for example, for the purchase and sale of land or other goods, they simply put a cross instead of their name and kissed it as a sign of the sincerity of their intentions.

During the great plague in London in 1665, a ban was imposed on the then popular greeting kiss in society. The fear of dying after being infected by a neighbor or friend’s kiss has made such greeting signs as curtsying, bowing, raising your hat, waving your hand, and so on popular.

In 1979 David Bowie invented “litograf” – the imprint of human lips, which his intimate autograph. In America even held a live auction of litografom famous people. All proceeds, amounting to 16 thousand dollars, went to the children’s protection Fund. In this auction one print of the lips of Mick Jagger was sold for $ 1600.

Class differences in kissing!

In the middle Ages, the performance of a greeting kiss depended not only on the relationship that existed between people, but also on class affiliation. The lower the status of the person, the further away from the face he imprinted a kiss. Equals were kissed on the lips, people slightly higher in rank – on the hand, people of even higher class-on the knee, and those for whom you are just dust (primarily the clergy), you had to kiss the feet or even the ground at their feet. That’s where the line came from: “I’m ready to kiss the sand you walked on»…

A kiss that says “good Luck and happiness”!

A wedding is never without a kiss. In fact, it is believed that if the bride does not cry when the groom first kisses her during the wedding, their marriage will be unhappy.

A kiss-a wish of happiness and good luck was born during another, annual holiday-Christmas. The tradition of kissing under mistletoe dates back to the druids, who believed that this plant has magical powers. And some people think that kissing lottery tickets can also bring good luck. It never worked for me specifically.

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