Romantic paintings

9 romantic paintings that contain many mysteries

These paintings have thousands of fans around the world. And these love stories are inspired by famous Directors, poets and musicians. But, unfortunately, not all art lovers are familiar with the fate of the characters depicted on the canvases, although they are sometimes much more interesting than the most confusing series.

Peter Paul Rubens ” self-Portrait with Isabella Brant»

Rubens ‘ self-portrait with his young wife was painted shortly after the wedding. A young couple in love is sitting under a honeysuckle Bush. For the first time in the history of the portrait, the artist depicted the looseness of movements, ease and freedom of poses in his portrait.

Rubens did not just paint a portrait — he painted love. His barque with Isabella Brant was atypical of the seventeenth century nobility: for love, not by agreement. The artist filled the portrait with personal feelings and his attitude to marriage: marriage for Rubens is an equal Union built on love and trust.

Jean-Leon Jerome ” Pygmalion and Galatea»

A French artist has depicted on canvas one of the most popular ancient myths: the sculptor Pygmalion fell in love with his statue Galatea. With his kiss, he brought the statue to life. But Galatea remains something unattainable for Pygmalion. The statue is higher than the sculptor, and in order to give her his love, Pygmalion must rise to her level.

Some researchers believe that the painting is a reference to the political system of France during the time of Jerome. The victory of democracy is as fantastic as the revived Galatea.

Niko Pirosmani ” Actress Margarita»

Actress Marguerite de Sevre was the Muse and great love of Nico Pirosmani. She paid no attention to the poor artist and preferred completely different men to him. Pirosmani was so in love with Margarita that he sent her flowers every day. And on her birthday, Niko sent several carts loaded with roses, peonies, and lilacs to the hotel where the actress lived. To do this, Pirosmani sold his shop. But Marguerite was adamant.

Soon she left Georgia without saying goodbye to the artist. In memory of his love, Niko painted the Actress Margarita in 1909. Inspired by this love story, the poet Andrey Voznesensky and the composer Raymond Pauls wrote the song “a Million red roses”.

Auguste Rodin “The Kiss”

One of Rodin’s most recognizable sculptures was originally named “Francesca da Rimini” – in honor of a noble Italian lady and the heroine of Dante’s” divine Comedy”. The lady fell in love with her husband’s younger brother, but soon the lovers were discovered and then killed by Francesca’s husband.

If you look closely at the sculpture, you can see that the lovers do not touch each other’s lips. This means that they were killed innocently, without committing a sin.

Rembrandt Harmens van Rijn ” Danae»

It was foretold to king Acrisius that he would be killed by his daughter’s son. Then he locked the young Danae in a dungeon and put a maid with her. However, Zeus entered Danae in the form of rain and spent the night with her. This legend formed the basis of the painting “Danae” by Rembrandt.

The model became the artist’s first wife — Saskia van Uylenburgh. For a long time, it was a mystery why the resemblance to Saskia is not as obvious as in other paintings by the artist. Soon Saskia dies, and the new companion of the artist Gertie Dirks could not accept the portrait of her late lover and forced the artist to change the face of Danae.

Egon Schiele’s “The Family»

During the First world war, the Austrian artist Egon Schiele painted the portrait “Family”. It depicts the artist himself, his wife Edith harms, and their unborn child. Soon after the portrait is completed, a pregnant Edith dies from the Spanish flu epidemic, and 3 days later, Schiele himself passes away.

Gustav Klimt ” The Kiss»

“Kiss” has been stirring the minds of art lovers for the second century. Various legends hover around the canvas, because it is not known for sure who the artist depicted.

According to one version, Klimt was commissioned by a certain count. He gave the artist a medallion with the image of a girl and asked him to draw them together. Klimt fell in love with the stranger from the medallion and drew himself in the place of the count. Others believe that the lovers in the picture are Gustav Klimt himself and his companion Emilia Flege.

Marc Chagall ” birthday»

The artist depicted the best day of the year — his own birthday. We have before us two lovers. In a small room, their happiness does not have enough space, and they rise above this reality.

The man flies up to the ceiling, he throws back the woman’s head and very gently whispers something in her ear. Lovers want to fly through the window into a huge boundless world. This is how Marc Chagall saw his love with Bella Rosenfeld. And even after her death from sepsis, Bella remained the main Muse for the artist. Chagall refused to speak of her as dead.

Rene Magritte “The Lovers»

What Magritte wanted to say with this painting is still being speculated by critics. According to one version, Rene wanted to portray the inability of a person to reveal their true feelings. The most common version is related to Renee’s childhood trauma. The artist’s mother committed suicide by jumping from a bridge into the water. When the woman’s body was removed from the water, her face was covered with a cloth.

Someone claims that Magritte was fond of stories about Fantomas-a mysterious villain in a mask. He always appeared in movies disguised with a cloth or stocking on his head. However, Rene himself did not agree with any of the interpretations of the picture.

Frida Kahlo “Friendly embrace of the universe, earth (Mexico), me, Diego and Senor Xolotl”

The relationship between Frida Kahlo and the artist Diego Rivera was very complex and contradictory. Their married life began with an incredible passion that flowed into anger, hatred, and then again into passion.

The picture “Friendly embrace of the universe” reveals the complexity of the relationship between Frida and Diego. Aztec goddess of earth and fertility Cihuacoatl holding a Frida, which in turn holds the hands of Rivera. Art historians say that with this picture, Kahlo wanted to Express her attitude to femininity and motherhood. A woman’s body is the source of life on earth. And the third eye in Diego’s forehead equates him to a deity.

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