Romantic picnic ideas

If you want to make an unforgettable romantic picnic in nature for your partner, you must first decide on the scale of such an event.

For convenience, we will divide our picnic into two main types:

a romantic picnic in nature as a normal pastime (you just had a free day together – why not spend it in nature?)
a romantic picnic in nature in honor of your anniversary (Dating day, year or several months of relationships)
This way you will know what scale of event you are expecting, and therefore you will be sure of the choice of food, accessories, and even attire.

So, now we will look at all the main stages of preparation for such a picnic, thereby learning how to quickly and efficiently organize leisure for yourself and your loved one.

Site selection. It’s not all that simple, of course. For a romantic day (evening), you need a more or less deserted place, because we do not need a crowd of curious people. That is why we recommend that you choose a nearby forest instead of a local Park where children, dogs and pensioners walk. Usually such places for recreation are chosen by small companies that are not interested in what their neighbors are doing. An unpopular beach is also a great choice. By the way, it’s okay if it’s covered in grass and trees. This will only add beauty to your “exterior”.

Of course, you can also choose to host your summer garden or even a gazebo. After all, the main thing in such a picnic is not a new place, but the atmosphere.

Decoration. Let’s go back to the view of our picnic. If this is a romantic picnic in nature in honor of your anniversary, then you should take a more serious approach to creating a unique atmosphere around you.

The ideal option, of course, would be a tent decorated with hearts and balls. These tents not only give the appearance of a “romantic Bungalow”, but also save you from the mischief of nature-unexpected rain or wind gusts.

Such a hut can be made independently, using fabrics of any color. It can also be made in the style of a canopy, fixing the top of the dome on the branches of trees.

Folding chairs, warm blankets or even the most ordinary pillows-all this will be a great filling for your romantic “hut”.

Put solar-powered lamps or candles at the entrance and your tent will immediately become a real place for romantic meetings, kisses and maybe even for something more.

However, do not be upset if you do not have the opportunity to make or buy such a tent. You can use ordinary blankets, beautiful blankets and also create a unique holiday atmosphere for your loved one. If we are talking about an ordinary romantic picnic, then just make sure that you and your partner are comfortable and cozy.

Important is the design of the picnic table. If you have a table, decorate it with a festive tablecloth, put beautiful glasses, plates, and take care of the Cutlery. Do not spoil your picnic with the fact that you have broken plastic dishes under the first gust of wind.

Don’t want to mess with fragile China? Then buy a beautiful cardboard tableware, decorated with drawings in style.

Do you expect to sit until the evening? Make sure that you have a fire, warm capes for chairs and shoulders. You need to think about your comfort first, because nothing romantic will come out if you or your significant other will chatter your teeth instead of romantic sighs under the moon.

If you want a simple picnic with no frills, but at the appropriate level, we suggest that you buy a special picnic sets. They consist of a convenient bag, backpack or basket, initially filled with beautiful dishes that can be taken out on picnics. Usually it is a pair of crystal glasses, forks and spoons, as well as a few porcelain plates.

There is no way to buy an expensive set? There is a great alternative-take an ordinary wicker basket, lay it out with a bright cloth — you have a basket for food and dishes ready. It all depends on your imagination.

What to take from food, drinks and how to spend time?
For a good picnic, of course, you need a good meal – bake the chicken, but first carefully cut it into portions, because no one wants to mess with slippery and greasy food at a picnic. Take sausages to fry them on the fire. Prepare bread or toast.

A great option is the well-known pizza, tartlets, sandwiches or pancakes with a delicious filling. Cheesecakes, vegetable salads without heavy mayonnaise. Fish baked with lemon and fruit. All this has the right to be on your picnic.

If you are preparing a delicious dinner on the anniversary, then there are options such as:

fondue (its recipes are available on the Internet, but do not make it on a romantic picnic, if you have never experimented with such a dish before)
French-baked meat in the oven
holiday dishes.
Have you decided on the menu? Then do not forget to take the necessary dishes, appliances, napkins and, of course, something to drink. Fresh juices, good wine or mineral water-all to your taste. You can also grab a bottle of champagne as a symbol of your anniversary.

We are sure that you will spend your time with great pleasure, but we will give some tips to those who feel constrained in such an environment. Just so you don’t make unforgivable mistakes:

Don’t talk about problems at work, in your family, or in your relationships at such a picnic. For this purpose, there is a normal evening at home in front of the TV.
Don’t remember old grievances or discuss other people, even if they are your family or friends.
Spend time remembering your first meeting, your first kiss…
Remember how you went on vacation together, look at shared photos, or just enjoy each other’s company in silence.
You can even play your favorite games, from chess to tennis, as long as it brings you pleasure.
New technologies allow you to take a laptop with you and review a couple of your favorite movies.
Small things that will help not to spoil the evening:

Musical accompaniment is a wonderful option that will help you make a romantic picnic in nature even more refined. However, do not record only “snotty” romantic melodies if your partner does not share your musical tastes. Make a selection of your and his favorite songs. Even if it’s a rock ballad . If you can’t decide on the right music, use our selection.
Insecticide. It will be doubly pleasant to spend time in nature without the terrible bites of mosquitoes, bees and other animals.
If you are going to fry sausages or other products directly on a picnic, take care of skewers or grilles.
Wet wipes, tablets, water to rinse your hands – all this will be a pleasant addition for a comfortable stay.
Clothes and shoes you will choose to your taste, but it is worth remembering that no one will appreciate your wonderful hairpins if exactly 5 minutes later you break both legs.

Choose comfortable ballet flats that fit under sundresses and dresses of any cut. Don’t like excessive romantic ruffles? Then you’d better wear your favorite jeans.

Men can wear light tennis shoes, light trousers, and favorite t-shirts. However, you should take care of comfort in the evening for yourself and your lady — we recommend you to bring a pair of warm hoodies.

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