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13 best romantic pictures, time-tested

Every year in mid-February, the world cinema celebrates Valentine’s Day and offers the public new touching and funny films about love. But before you give newcomers a chance, you should remember the classics-time-tested melodramas and romantic comedies.

13. “Love Actually” (2003)

Romance is never enough! Why tell one love story when you can squeeze a dozen tender, funny, and unexpected romantic stories into two screen hours? This is what the British screenwriter Richard Curtis did in his directorial debut, who ate a dog on romcoms and showed 13 years ago that this genre is far from exhausted. Perhaps the main charm of “Real love” is that the picture includes a variety of stories, from happy to sad and from touching to farcical. And each turned out to be wonderful in its own way. Many Directors and screenwriters have since tried to emulate Curtis, but no one has managed to create an equally brilliant love anthology.

12. ” Love Story “(1970)

Even if you’ve never seen Arthur Hiller’s classic Hollywood melodrama, you know its plot because it’s been used in dozens of romantic productions over the past half-century. A guy loves a girl, a girl loves a guy, but a deadly disease intervenes in their passionate relationship… At a time when the $ 80 million gross of the first “Godfather” was considered a stunning achievement, “love Story” grossed more than $ 130 million worldwide. In terms of inflation, it still remains one of the most commercially successful films in US history. But, of course, its contribution to the history of cinema is not in this, but in the fact that it still remains one of the main masterpieces of the tear-jerking genre “he, she, love and cancer”.

11. ” Before The Sun Rises “(1995)

To make a great romantic movie, you don’t have to spend money on tricks, effects, and extras. American art house Director Richard Linklater in his best picture managed only three characters – a man, a woman and Vienna, on the streets of which the characters spend the night, accidentally meeting on a train. The plot of the film was inspired by a real story from the life of the Director, and the picture turned out to be surprisingly heartfelt, fresh and intelligent – a great gift for the public, who are averse to mainstream Hollywood romantic films. In the future, Linklater directed two sequels that told about the subsequent lives of Jesse and Celine, but only “Before dawn” entered the Golden Fund of world cinema.

10. “Casablanca” (1942))

At the beginning of world war II, many in the United States believed that the country should not interfere in the European conflict and that American soldiers should not die for foreign countries. Since there were many influential Hollywood expats who remained connected to Europe, they tried to convince the public that Hitler was a threat to their humanity, and created films like the classic “Casablanca”, the main character of which was an American living in a French colony in Africa. First of all, Director Michael Curtis (an immigrant from Hungary) made a war picture, but now “Casablanca” is remembered and adored as a heartfelt melodrama about people who love each other, but put duty above tender feelings.

9. “Angelique, Marquise des anges” (1964)

A few years ago, the French made a new film adaptation of “Angelica”. But why waste time and money if the film by Bernard borderi is still considered a classic of European romantic-adventure cinema? Recall that the action of “Angelica” develops in France of the XVII century and that the picture tells about a young beauty who is forcibly married to one of the richest people in the country. At first, Angelique despises her ugly husband, but eventually she realizes that the Comte de Peyrac is one of the noblest and kindest men in France. So begins a passionate romance that developed over the course of four more pictures about the adventures of Angelica and her husband.

8. “Dirty Dancing” (1987)

In the early 1990s, actress Jennifer grey destroyed her career when she had a rhinoplasty and shrunk her

“Jewish” nose.

I wonder what she was thinking, if earlier it was the typical “ethnic” appearance that brought her her most famous role – the role of the daughter of a wealthy doctor who falls in love with a poor, but exceptionally charming dance teacher? Emil Ardolino’s film was based on the memoirs of screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein about her youth in America in the 1960s and about the friction between different Nations, and therefore an actress with a less prominent “rumple” in the role of Baby would not be suitable. However, the main star of “Dirty dancing” was still Patrick Swayze. He was already known to the audience, but “Dancing” (and, of course, his dancing with gray) made him a real screen celebrity.

7. ” Romeo and Juliet “(1968)

Talking about the melodramas that became movie classics, we could not lose sight of the “double classic” – the best ever adaptation of the legendary play by William Shakespeare. Hollywood people, however, usually put their “West Side story,” a modern interpretation of “Romeo and Juliet,”first. But us American patriotism does not dictate, and we prefer authentic European movies with British stars, Italian Director Franco Zeffirelli and authentic medieval buildings in the frame. An admirable example of a production that respects the past and at the same time conveys not only the letter, but also the soul of a great tragedy.

6. “how to steal a million” (1966)

For all the love that people in the West have for this delightful adventurous romantic Comedy, we have always loved William Wyler’s film more. Probably, this is because for Soviet viewers, “how to steal a million” was the epitome of attractive Western glamour, both stylish and ironic. In addition, the film revolved around a fortune made illegally (by selling fakes), and this perfectly rhymed with the Communist ideology. Now this ideology is no longer state-owned, but “how to steal a million” remains an excellent romantic movie, ideal for both sexes. What, unfortunately, about many films of this direction can not be said…

5. “the Ghost” (1990)

“Till death do us part” – strong words, but not enough for a true romantic. In the mysterious drama of Jerry Zucker, the main character, even after his death, continues to take care of his beloved girl and protect her from a murderer and traitor. When the picture was created, it was predicted to fail, because it combined the characteristics of many genres, did not lend itself to strict classification and stood out against the background of the Hollywood mainstream. But love won over skepticism, and “Ghost” was recognized as a modern classic almost immediately after its release. Note that this is the second film in our hit parade, where the main role was played by Patrick Swayze-definitely one of the most romantic actors in the history of Hollywood.

4. ” Roman Holidays “(1953)

When Gregory peck and Audrey Hepburn started acting in William Wyler’s Comedy melodrama, peck was considered the only star of the production. It was assumed that in the credits only his name would be written in large “star” font. However, towards the end of filming, peck insisted that Hepburn, at the time an aspiring film actress, also receive her “star” title. And this was not a display of gallantry, but a sober assessment of reality. “Vacation” – the story of a young Princess who escapes from the Embassy of her country in Rome to at least temporarily feel like an ordinary girl – turned out to be a film not by Peck, but by Hepburn. “Vacation” made the actress a star, and she, in turn, made “Vacation” one of the most tender and charming Hollywood romantic films. By the way, the screenwriter of the film was Dalton TRUMBO – the famous American Communist from art and the hero of the recently released biopic “TRUMBO”.

3. “Notebook” (2004)

Ask a modern American woman, without hesitation, to name a famous romantic movie, and she is very likely to remember the picture of nick Cassavetes. A heartwarming film based on the novel by Nicholas sparks, which tells about a lifetime of love, has become a symbol of “women’s” cinema in recent decades. Someone loves” Diary”, and someone about it is ironic, but it leaves no one indifferent – the surest Ghost of a truly powerful production. The lead actor Ryan Gosling once said in an interview that the film took place primarily due to the play of his partner Rachel McAdams. With all due respect, Gosling went against the truth. The success of “Diary” was primarily due to him, because the audience did not go to the movies for McAdams.

2. ” Titanic “(1997)

James Cameron shot one of his biggest productions as a disaster movie with a love line. In fact, however, the doomed love of Jack and rose crushed the grandiose special effects, and ” Titanic “turned out to be a melodrama against the background of the famous tragedy of the” unsinkable ” ocean liner. However, Cameron never complained about it. After all, the film brought him two Oscars (producer and Director) and countless millions of dollars – a percentage of the exorbitant rental income of “Titanic”. We will not complain – watching Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet is much more pleasant than thinking about how many lives were lost when the ship collided with an iceberg.

1. ” gone with the wind “(1939)

If American political culture continues to develop in the same direction as it is now, “Gone with the wind” will soon be recognized as a crime against black Americans. Just think – this movie is not about brave Negroes who fought for freedom during the Civil war, but about rich white southerners who made their fortunes by exploiting slaves! But while none of the critics of “Gone” has made an equally outstanding romantic picture of the XIX century, we will continue to consider the canvas of Victor Fleming the main achievement in this genre. Politics is politics, and love is love, and they should not interfere with each other. Not in the frame, not off-screen, in the movie history textbook. By the way, in terms of inflation, “gone with the wind” still remains the most financially successful Hollywood film. If they were released in 2016, their feet would amount to $ 3.5 billion. Even “Avatar” did not manage to overcome this bar.

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