Romantic surprise: 20 + unusual ideas

Give bright emotions and shake up the feelings always helps the good old romance. Whatever you do, this is a way out of any situation: whether it’s a holiday, a quarrel, an apology, an important confession, or just a desire to surprise a loved one.

It is not enough for avid romantics to give a bouquet of flowers, and for pragmatists it will seem that it is completely banal and uninteresting. Therefore, we offer to expand the horizon and make an original surprise for the second half.

Romantic surprise for a girl

1. Let’s start with the same bouquet of flowers. In fact, it can be presented in an unusual way. Let-it will be beautiful red roses, in the center of which — one artificial. The bouquet is accompanied by a note: “I will love you until the last rose withers.”

2. Steal it! Keep up the intrigue and don’t say where you are going until the last moment. For added effect, the girl should be blindfolded. The most suitable location for such a surprise is a romantic hotel.

3. On paper or cardboard, write your favorite message or poem, and then cut it into pieces in the form of puzzles. For several days, hide one puzzle at a time so that the chosen one will find it.

4. Give your half a piece of jewelry with an engraving. For example, it may be a watch with the inscription: “You are more valuable to me than time.”

5. The promise to give a star from the sky is quite feasible. This can be easily arranged. Buy a gift of the Universe and name it after your favorite can be quite cheap

6. How about a candlelit dinner? But something more original… I guess it’ll be Breakfast then!

7. A good gift — family look. The same prints on clothes can be varied with funny images and inscriptions that only you can understand. One of a million options: put a line from a favorite song on t-shirts/hoodies, or put an image from a cool TV series/movie that you watched together.

8. Add a twist to an ordinary dinner dish? Easy! All you need is a piece of dry ice. It can be put directly on a plate with food or in a drink. You will get beautiful billowing clouds!

9. You’ve probably heard people congratulate their loved ones on the radio many times. Try it yourself! Your half will definitely appreciate it.

10. Unusual packaging for sweets-pinata. Let’s not get candy so easy! Very fun and funny game.

11. We hope you have watched or at least heard such films as “pretty Woman”, “Breakfast and Tiffany”, “Dirty dancing”, “Pulp fiction”. There are many memorable romantic scenes. Find out what your beloved likes best and repeat the legendary episodes with dialogues!

12. Invite her favorite friends to visit in secret and arrange an unexpected party for your chosen one! She will definitely be in a pleasant shock!

13. You can reward your beloved with attention in an unusual way: give her a homemade certificate that will apply to certain services from you. It can be washing, cleaning, kissing, massage — anything. The certificate value and each service are expressed in points.

14. For this surprise, you will need: a computer, printer, Whatman, glue and imagination. Invite your chosen one to select images on the Internet that she associates with a happy future. You will do the same. Paste the printed images on the vatman, and call your collage a wish card. You can do the same with printed photos. Then you get a memory map.

A romantic surprise for a man

15. Go to a karaoke bar with your friends and sing them your favorite song.

16. Let this time the bouquet will not be handed to you, but you. Only, of course, it will not be a flower, but a sandwich and snack. You can also place a bottle of alcohol in the center of such a composition. What the hell is not joking!

17. All men sometimes want to feel on a pedestal. Take the opportunity to reward your hero with a Cup, medal, or ribbon that celebrates his best qualities and highlights achievements in relationships.

18. If your loved one is a breadwinner in the family, give them the opportunity to take a break from work. Let him procrastinate at his own pleasure, because for him the day of liberation from all Affairs has come. Promise that there will be no reproaches for this.

19. If your man loves surprises and can be touched by handmade gifts, romantic dinner, framed photos, then make him feel good with the help of helium balloons. Just put them in his car. This will be unusual and will definitely lift your mood.

20. Such a gift as tickets to a sports match of his favorite game or to a concert of a musical group will never be a disappointment.

21. Similarly To the day of liberation from all Affairs, you can think of a day of men’s classes for your favorite. For example, give him the go-ahead to go fishing with friends or buy a ticket to a shooting club where your man will learn how to use weapons.

22. Many ladies do not like it when their intended is going home with their friends in a large company. This time we suggest making an exception and allowing the guys to spend the evening as they want: with alcohol, guitar, Board games and men’s conversations.

23. Breakfast in bed is a great way to please your loved one. And if you approach the surprise in a more original way, and organize a dinner in bed? Think about decorations and candles, he will definitely like it!

A romantic surprise for the other half can be simple, inexpensive, but very pleasant. The desire to surprise each other is an invaluable component of a happy relationship. But if you have only a few hours to organize a surprise, there is always an easy way to arrange a romantic date in a good hotel.

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