Romantic wedding vows

Couples in love are married at an off-site ceremony-unusual, modern and individual. A large number of different scenarios can be confusing, but the structure of the wedding day beautifully fits the wedding vow of the bride and groom.

Since the wedding is the main day for a new family, everything that happens at it should be dedicated to the married couple. The newlyweds ‘ vow is an ancient custom, a secret message or a parting word for life together. It can contain anything you feel you need to say to each other and “seal” it as a symbol of your family.

Choosing A Wedding Vow

The moment of the vow is accompanied by the tears of others, relatives, thought out to the smallest detail. Depending on the preferences of the young, you need to choose a commitment:

classic type (to tell about your feelings and that these feelings will remain with you for the rest of your life, to swear your loyalty to each other and to help each other);
romantic (explain your love in verse, sing a song, seal the bond by closing the lock on the bridge, letting go of pigeons in the sky, flying a flashlight, etc.);
religious (taking into account the peculiarities and traditions of your faith);
humorous (in modern language, “cool” promises of love and fidelity).
The word ” vow ” creates an image of something strict and mandatory – today’s newlyweds are used to preparing their promises in advance, and rehearsing well. A wedding is a fairy tale for a married couple. The main words in the oath come from the lips of the newlyweds:

mutual love until the end of their days;
take care of each other forever;
resolve all domestic disputes together;
to support each other in everything.

Why Do I Need A Wedding Promise Between Newlyweds?

It is customary for society to pronounce the cherished “I agree” when asked whether you agree to take a partner as a wife or husband. Thanks to the oath, you can once again emphasize:

you value your partner and everything connected with it;
you have found exactly the kind of person you have been looking for for a long time;
only with him fate gave a chance to know love;
only he can reveal the purest and most tender feeling in you.
To promise reciprocally is much warmer and more tender than just ” Yes ” in the registry Office. With these lines, lovers can emphasize and tell everyone about their feelings. Your own oath can be made up one for two, or each will pronounce their own oath promise.

A mutual oath is a vow that must not be broken and must always be remembered:

when you are happy;
are you in trouble;
at the time of partner support;
you are offended by your loved one;
when you are tired;
one of you is ill;
when the grief happened.
A commitment will allow you to remember that you love and that you need to support your partner, regardless of the circumstances. The meaning of the pronunciation of the wedding promise is to assure the partner of their feelings, he will always be there, no matter what happens. Partners select the most beautiful and warm phrases that are suitable only for a specific person.

When Do You Say A Promise At A Wedding?

In a traditional marriage ceremony in the registry Office, it will not be appropriate to pronounce such main words. There are several reasons for this:

little time for the official part;
the best way to say these words is not in the same tension as in the hall;
the significance of the promise will be higher at the exit ceremony or in the celebration of the celebration in the hall.
The promise of loyalty and eternal love newlyweds give even during the wedding. A special vow is designed for a vow to the Almighty and newlyweds. At a wedding, there are several stages to read your vow to your partner:

while exchanging rings at a field event;
after the first wedding dance;
after the symbolic “lighting” of the home hearth (lighting of the family candle);
before cutting the wedding cake.
The commitment will be made at the appropriate time:

all the guests calmed down a little;

during the mysterious quiet music;
when the lovers are most ready for the vow.

Tips For Newlyweds On Making A Vow
A special feature of the oath text is the sincere feelings of the newlyweds. The main components should be:

personal relationships;
independent selection of keywords;
heartfelt wishes.
The idea of writing a vow for a wedding can be gleaned from:

remember the first emotions and impressions when you met;
bright events related to your relationship;
the best character traits of your partner;
what goals or dreams unite you;
your wishes in the relationship.
The wedding oath should not be large, it is enough to make several proposals and put all your thoughts and wishes into them. Your pledge will be concise, write it on a piece of paper:

state everything you want to say;
choose the main thing for you;
add a lot of tender and affectionate phrases to your offers;
periodically re-read what you have written and correct it.
try to memorize the finished text;
pick the best of your emotions;
try not to worry, putting your love, to make a vow.
If you decide to write a vow separately, then at the celebration itself, your emotions (regarding the girls) can be unpredictable. Think in advance whether you need to get a surprise.

Brides are the most emotional and romantic, the text can be very long. Try to choose the most necessary and important things. Grooms can be unromantic, so their text is stingy with beautiful expressions.

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