What does it mean to be romantic

What is romance?

Feelings of falling in love are exactly what makes a person really happy. This is a view of the world through rose-colored glasses, as well as a desire to do good to everyone and everything. In addition, it is an inexplicable craving for beauty, when you want to sing, dance and compose poetry. However, many people forget what romance is. Often the concept of romance and love are considered identical, and this is somewhat correct. A person in love often becomes romantic and touching. However, a romantic person may not necessarily be in love.

How do you define what is really romantic and what is just a synonym? If the characteristics that distinguish a romantic person from all others? And what is the definition of romance given by women and men? If you want to know the answers to all these questions, then this article is for you.

Different view

First of all, it is necessary to understand what definition for romance gives the usual dictionary. In most of them, it is written that these are feelings that elevate a person. And this is true, because any romantic person sees something beautiful in the surrounding reality. Beautiful sunsets that take your thoughts to unknown distances, beautiful in their anger waves of the sea, where a storm has played out, or a quiet forest glade, where you can so pleasantly retire to the chirping of birds and the chirping of insects. All this is a different degree of visualization of romance, which can manifest itself in anything.

Romance itself can even be a way of life. This means that a person simply ceases to see the negative, is filled with feelings for the world. Tries to just go with the flow, not resisting this force. The hallmark of romance is passivity. Romantic people may not resist problems for years, taking everything for granted. This is especially evident in love relationships, where the “hero” can be immensely in love, but when a rival appears, he retreats, because he is sure of his own defeat. But this does not mean that all romantic people are losers who can not defend their point of view.

In the modern world, romance is gradually receding into the background, giving way to practicality. Now it is not fashionable to stand under the Windows to catch a glimpse of the silhouette of a beloved or to write entire poems dedicated to love. It has become less popular to Woo ladies, adhering to all the rules.

It is difficult to talk about romance in a world where sex on the first date is the norm and even a positive phenomenon. Now people are more likely to try to get to the beauty of the body, pursuing their hedonistic tendencies in obtaining physical pleasure. Romance is about sensuality and sensitivity. Such lovers will not calculate and analyze, but simply believe their heart.

Varieties of romance

Everyone’s view of romance is completely different. You can’t say that all men like one thing and all women like another. Sometimes people of different genders have the same ideas, and then they enjoy spending time together. However, it is possible to distinguish separate opinions of both sexes, which allow us to judge how different the view of romance is.

The first group is women’s opinion. Since the weaker sex is more sensitive and vulnerable, most often its romantic dreams are most similar to the generally accepted representation of romance. Below are the main associations that the concept itself causes for all girls.

Courtships. For ladies the romance is first and foremost a relationship. At the same time, she must be a beautiful Princess, and he – a brave knight. Otherwise, all this becomes completely unacceptable. He should give her tender wild flowers, surprise her with unexpected and pleasant gifts, solve her problems and close her from adversity. Behind his back, she should feel comfortable and protected, because these feelings should cause a real man. This performance is entirely based on children’s fairy tales, where the hero overcomes all obstacles and saves the beauty from the clutches of the dragon. All the same as now, only instead of a dragon – life problems.

Care. There is such a practical type of girl who can live without serenades under the window and huge bouquets on the pillow. They consider it romantic if their chosen one simply shows care, protects from adversity and tries to think about her comfort. This can manifest itself in shifting some of the household responsibilities to men’s shoulders, spending time on a trip with her to buy new shoes, support during illness, as well as full financial security. This type of romance can be fully called modern, because it is no longer based on feelings, but on comfort.
Beautiful moments. There are also women for whom romance is not related to relationships at all. They find romantic simple gatherings around the fire, climbing the mountains, swimming in the river, a quiet cozy evening with a glass of red wine. Small joys of life that give inspiration and allow you to survive all the difficulties. Such women know what romance is, and look at the world with different eyes. They can also be romantic when they are in love, but it is not a condition for going into a romantic state.

What is romance for women

Extreme sport. Strange as it may seem, not some people find it romantic to do desperate things that people can do at the peak of their emotions. For example, to jump with a parachute or to conquer a mountain peak. All this causes a surge of adrenaline in the blood and unforgettable sensations, so some people compare it to a “SIP of happiness”. There are also simpler, but at the same time decisive actions – giving up your family, running away from home for the sake of a loved one, “wandering life” with your love. Some people really think it’s romantic. However, as practice shows, unprepared ladies very quickly return to reality, faced with the first difficulties of such a romance.
Next, let’s consider what opinion the representatives of the stronger sex hold in relation to romance. It is worth noting that some points really echo women’s, so we can say that basically the view of romance is not tied to a specific gender.

Frankness. Oddly enough, but the guys is often regarded as manifestations of openness is very romantic. And it’s not about being sexual or being too explicit. In this case, frankness is the ability to open up to a person, show their weaknesses and shortcomings. When a girl is not afraid to appear unpainted and sleepy, when she is able to openly talk about her desires and feelings. For the most part, this type is also based on relationships, because most men reduced their words to them. And there is a reason for this – if there is nothing to hide, then a person can be honest, and this in turn looks incredibly attractive and can inspire.

What is romance?

Calm. Those guys who don’t like constant change find solace in complete peace. A quiet weekend at home watching the series and a can of beer, simple and heartfelt gatherings with friends, going to the grocery store when there are funds and you can not save. Simple everyday joys can also seem romantic, because the stronger sex is more often abstracted from social interactions. A guy may not know what romance is in the classic sense, but at the same time be quite sensitive. This kind of seclusion is an alternative to those who are used to openly showing their feelings.
Love. This item is the real embodiment of the most romantic. Guys in love often feel different, start to feel better about things that previously caused irritation. For example, a guy can not tolerate Pets, but if his half loves cats and dogs, he is ready to breed a real shelter at home. A state of altered consciousness is how this romance can be described. And the more love changes a man, the more romantic he becomes. Often such males admit that they are ready to cry from a sad moment in the film, although nothing has penetrated them before.

Instruction for use

Sometimes some people admit that they don’t know how to be romantic at all. They come to this conclusion themselves or they are told about it by others. There is a certain type of person who is really not able to perceive romance in any of its manifestations.

They are too calculating and cold, so they strive more for personal gain than for a higher state of mind. But practice shows that most people can learn romance if they want to and put a little effort into it.

The first thing to do is to determine what is romantic and pleasant for you. It doesn’t have to be a relationship, since the lists above have proven that romance can be found even in everyday things.

Do you find it incredibly beautiful and peaceful when you are sitting at home, the rain is pouring outside and lightning is flashing, and you are enjoying a good book? Or do you like a leisurely walk in the Park early in the morning, where there are no people yet, but there is silence and fresh cool air? All you need to do at this stage is determine what really inspires you, makes you sensitive and receptive.

The second step is to dive. This means that you need to be in this state of mental catharsis more often. Just put things aside and do what pleases you so much. Even if it is not so easy at first, over time you will begin to feel the need for such a pastime. Gradual immersion in this “romantic pool” may take some time, but the result will not be long in coming.

The third stage – in everyday life, try to recreate the feeling that you experienced in romantic moments. Even if it is related to a relationship, and not something more everyday, remember your first kiss, a slight excitement in anticipation of a date, a lock of hair. Fallen on the eyes and timid confessions. The warmth that comes after such thoughts you will not confuse with anything, because it will temporarily give you immunity from any external stimuli.

The last thing you will have to do is learn how to give. Romantics are basically kind and unselfish enough. Being able to see the good in others and share your positivity is also romantic. After all, then a person begins to gradually fall in love with the world. And this inevitably leads to the fact that his worldview gradually changes, turning even a modest and closed person into a real good-natured man with a sweet smile on his lips. The last point is the most difficult, because in the realities of today it is extremely difficult to learn to give, and not just take.

Overabundance of love

Many are convinced that there is not much romance. However, those who know what romance really is can Express their doubts about this statement. After all, as everywhere, a person needs a measure, a border that should not be crossed. And if your good nature and romance become a serious problem for normal life, it is recommended to slow down and at least for a while return from heaven to earth.

Any romance is the ability to see the beautiful and love these moments every minute. However, if you ignore the obvious problems, you may soon find that you have achieved nothing in the illusory pursuit of a dream. And then all you will have left is a solid regret for what you did not do, and what you should not have done. And regret doesn’t make you feel good. Therefore, observe the Golden mean, be romantic in moderation and then on all life fronts, you will always be successful!

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